About Our Company

Roof Çelik Çatı company was established in Bursa in 2017 by engineers who are experts in their business in order to add a different dimension to the existing roof concept.

Abroad, especially in Canada labor and material expenses minimizes system with a highly preferred oval steel roof system, to promote Turkey and the market's leading companies to become customer satisfaction, smiling faces and prompt service is a company principle.

Roof Çelik Çatı Sistemleri, with its company understanding that attaches importance to quality, has a company understanding that will not give up the rules it has adopted while aiming to grow without giving up its principles, as it was yesterday and today, with the principle of trust and quality.

With the success of being the leading company of the market, Roof Steel Roof Systems, which provides the best way to meet the needs of the customer, will continue to bring quality work together with the customer in the fastest way and with labor savings and to grow day by day.


Firmamız Hakkında

Roof Çelik Değerler ve İlkelerimiz

Our Values ​​& Principles

Fair Business Ethics
We are a company acting with fairness in our business and principles.

Company Reputation
It is important for us to carry out successful works that will protect our reputation as a company.

Working with Love
Regardless of the conditions, we work with pleasure in projects that will add value to our organization and people.

Human-Centered Work
As a company, we dedicate all our activities to improving human life.

Being Open to Innovations
As a company, we attach importance to constantly improving business models and field of activity.

Fast Service Understanding
As a company, we take care to finish our work in the fastest and most attentive way we can.

Roof Çelik Misyonumuz & Vizyonumuz

Our Mission & Vision

Roof Çelik roof systems is the leading company in the sector that creates value by always keeping customer satisfaction and quality policy ahead. It is the mission to work in order to be a pioneer in quality and to continue on its way as an example in its field of activity.

It is the vision of being a global company that aims to grow with the values it creates in the global market, while playing to the pioneering future in its field of activity, making a difference with its technology and working structure that produces creative solutions and respects the individual and the environment.

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